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Coronavirus Counting Game, Watching the News

Watching the News Coronavirus Counting Game

It will make watching the news worth it when there isn’t any.

  1. Which journalists have books on their walls? Or paintings? Or photographs? Or certificates?
  2. How many books by Stephen King can you count? By Rachel Maddow? About Trump?
  3. How many mix fiction and nonfiction? New and old?
  4. And do you see any old books?
  5. Percentage of unadorned white walls to bookshelves?
  6. Are certificates framed, mounted on wood, or just taped to the wall?
  7. Who is doing their own makeup and who is happy doing without?
  8. Who has introduced their children? Pets? Partners? How many times?
  9. Who has figured out that unless they raise their laptops up to eye level they will look like gargantuan monsters peering down into a deep pit?
  10. Who has changed their backdrop? More interesting or less?
  11. Who has the greatest number of photographs on their shelves? More than books? Any books? Any photographs?
  12. Who has the slowest internet connection?

For Extra Credit: Coronavirus Counting Game Predictions

  1. When will kitchen tables and lounge chairs begin appearing?
  2. How long will everyone’s hair get? Who will get a Blackmarket haircut first?
  3. What new books will begin appearing on shelves?
  4. How soon will they stop pretending to dress up and appear as is?
  5. Who will miss their spot first because they are taking a nap?

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