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Craftsman Books & Software

Craftsman Publisher LogoThe Craftsman Book Company has been publishing books & software for the construction industry for 70 years. Craftsman has over 500 publications. They are used by contractors, remodelers, custom builders, appraisers, adjusters, estimators, architects, engineers and other construction professionals in the United States and Canada.

Uniquely for one price you have access to all their books for one year. At this writing, the cost for this service is $129.99. The books are PDFs so download is instant and the library includes more than 500 books. Topics include:

Accounting & finance, business & office management, building codes, concrete, electrical, exam preparation, excavation & grading, engineering, estimating & bidding, kitchen design, plumbing & HVAC, remodeling & restoration and much more.

Craftsman books  & software publications also include:

2020 National Building Cost Manual $44.00. Includes square-foot costs for residential, commercial, industrial, military, schools, greenhouses, manufactured homes, fire stations, libraries, churches, government offices, and farm buildings.

2020 National Construction Estimator. $48.75. 68th Annual Edition. Includes the book and software. Current building costs for residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Estimated prices for every common building material, the labor cost to install the material and a total “installed” cost.

If you are thinking of building yourself, these publications will be invaluable. To understand your contractor, they will be soul-saving. The prices are well worth it.

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