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AcreValue Land Prices

Example: AcreValue Land Prices Map

Introduced by Granular, a software and data science tools for growers in April 2015, AcreValue is an interactive map of land prices across the US. It is used by farmers, landowners, investors, bankers, brokers, and industry professionals to analyze the value and productive capacity of farmland and to research and transact more efficiently.

AcreValue Land Prices

AcreValue analyzes terabytes of data about soils, climate, crop rotations, taxes, interest rates, and corn prices to calculate the estimated value of an individual field. Designed to evaluate available farmland and for our purposes is useful for learning about rural land and how people talk about it.

As with all such tools, AcreValue is educational. The listings are unlikely to list all land for sale and some may be already sold. But it is a good tool for learning how people talk about land (vocabulary again). It provides a realistic measure of how land is sold and what may be available for how much where. And very useful, you can compare one state or region with another.

It is particularly helpful to have prices listed so you begin to look at money realistically.

However, commercial developers inform me that many pieces of land are not announced to the public. Local networks of professionals carry information to business realtors, architects, developers, etc. In the end, you will have to connect locally for a real land search.