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Planning Your Tiny House

Cover of Planning Your Tiny HousePlanning Your Tiny House is the latest publication from Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life blog. This one is on getting started on building your tiny house. eBook. $15.

This is guide to help you design the perfect tiny house or small home.  After teaching people for years on how to design and build their dream home, I’ve learned what makes a great design, areas people make common mistakes and how to make a house a home.  Included in this is 35 pages of how to design your dream home, a printable floor plan kit,  and helpful resources.  —Ryan Mitchell

Planning Your Tiny House is a step-by-step ebook guide to determining which design will work for you, avoiding common mistakes, and simplifying tough decisions. How to figure out what needs to be included and what shouldn’t.  Includes exercises, worksheets, and resources with critical information.

Printable Floor Plans

The floor plan kit of floor plans in a downloadable, printable digital file. Includes floor plan sizes for an 8′ x 18′ house, 8′ x 20′ house, 8′ x 24′ house, 10′ x 24′ house, 10′ x 30′ house, 16′ x 20′ house, and a 20′ x 20′ house.  All to the same scale with the elements included for cut and paste arrangements.

About Ryan Mitchell, Managing Editor & Owner of the Tiny Life

Living in only 150 square feet for years, Ryan Mitchell has learned a thing or two about living simply. From downsizing to life simplification, and designing a life that’s right for you, Ryan brings a lot of experience and practical knowledge to the table. He built his own tiny house in 2012 learning as he went along which inspired him to help others in their journey to live small. Today he still lives in his tiny house full time and off-grid with solar, teaching others how to live simply. — The Tiny Life Website

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