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Rev, Transcript Library and Transcribing Service

Rev Transcript and Transcribing Service LogoRev is a technologically progressive audio and video transcription service started by five MIT classmates in 2010 to connect freelancers with customers. Rev’s Transcript Library includes more than 4,000 free transcripts of speeches, rallies, debates, announcements, hearings, events, press conferences, interviews, podcasts, etc., from celebrities, entertainers, business leaders, government officials, and other public figures.

Services offered by more than 60,000 skilled speech-to-text freelancers include transcription, captioning, and foreign subtitles. Fast service is usually within 12 hours because their transcribers are available 24/7 in one part of the world or another. Offers 45 minutes of automated transcription free.

Exceptionally useful is that the transcripts include the times the text appears in the recording. And they are upfront about their prices. You don’t have to ask for a quote to find out whether you can afford it or not.

Rev’s Transcript Library

A sample of free transcripts in their library can’t do justice to it but the range includes:

As well as an ever-growing collection of Donald Trump speeches.