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Tiny Home Builders

Live Tiny: We can help you simplify your life

Logo for Tiny Home BuildersTiny Home Builders offers construction guides to learn the basics, a library of videos to see it done, and workshops to get hands-on experience. And if you want someone else to do it, they will build it for you. They have an extensive knowledge base, a wide variety of construction plans in DIY friendly drawings, and will build the basic and standard shell for you. Workshops are in person or online.

Tiny House Knowledge Base

A collection of tiny house articles and resources compiled by the experts at Tiny Home Builders. Everything from financing to towing to building codes. Extensive resources

Tiny House Workshops, both hands-on and online workshops

Tiny House Plans include a comprehensive materials list, a SketchUp Model, and Electrical Diagram.

Cover of the Tiny House Design and Construction GuideTiny House Design & Construction Guide by Dan S Louche Revised Edition 2016. The complete guide to building a Tiny Home. Now in its second edition “over 50% more content and 38 more images and illustrations.”