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LATCH Collective: Tiny House Resource

The LATCH Collective in building the framing for a Tiny House.

The LATCH Collective shares resources and skills for building DIY Tiny Homes.

The LATCH Collective  Tiny House Resource is the largest in California. It is a community devoted to promoting the building of Tiny Houses and other alternative DYI projects.

Since 2016, LATCH Collective has done more than educate people about Tiny Homes: We’ve found a new way to build affordable housing. By creating a community of learners and Do-It-Yourself builders, we have shared knowledge gained through experience and research, shared resources that have been purchased or donated by the collective, and shared labor as we work together on the projects within our collective.

LATCH offers educational workshops and online webinars, guided discussions, and hosts “cobuilds” which is where LATCH Learners get hands-on experience working on the Tiny Homes of our DIY Builders, who share their lessons and mistakes learned along the way – invaluable knowledge for someone considering this major lifestyle change.

Our LATCH Learners, DIY Builders, and Professional Associates are a network of diverse individuals who share resources, skills, and an interest in alternative housing solutions and DIY projects.

The LATCH Collective is cooperatively owned and managed. It has regular meetings of members and has several series of courses. Answers the questions that all beginners have: Where should I start? How much will it cost? How large or small can it be? How do I get a permit? Where can I put it? Connect with others who want to build their own Tiny Homes.

This series is for getting started: Tiny House Introductory Series

An interactive online 6-week series covering everything you need to know to get started on your tiny house! The LATCH Collective shares their work and research. Learn from their hands-on experience and the knowledge of their diverse members to “Jumpstart Your Journey.” The series meets six consecutive weeks online. Sessions include Q & A.

Series Topics:

  • Introduction to the Tiny House Movement
  • Legally Living Tiny
  • Design
  • Foundation Types
  • Trailers
  • Basics Skills for 3D Design Software
  • Codes and Certification
  • Downsizing & Lifestyle
  • Costs & Funding
  • Safety & Security
  • Insurance

If you have any questions about this series, memberships, or other events, please email:

For a list of past and future events.

Latch also offers consulting.

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