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Includes websites, blogs, newsletters, and examples. Resources on what makes a good font, when to use a decorative font, why typography matters, type composition, text formatting, font sources, and page layout.

Rostype Free Fonts & Graphic Design

About Rostype¬†free fonts and custom graphic design: Our philosophy not only makes us a free resource for designers, but also a graphic business partner for companies since we can develop a customized font to generate an unrepeatable identity in the printed and digital world. Enhance the value of your brand and create a really unique identity. A custom-developed typeface family reflects your identity even when the brand is not visible. […]

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Golden Ratio Typography (GRT) Calculator

The Golden Ratio Typography Calculator is based on a design system to maintain the ideal proportions for typography in any design. Enter a font name, size, and content width to calculate the suggested ideal proportions for line-height, content width, characters per line, and the scale of headings from largest to smallest. The viewer also shows an example using the base font, size, and column width you specified. You can play […]

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