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Prefabricated low-cost homes can usually be purchased packed flat or assembled on site. Some of the most interesting opportunities for low-cost housing use this method. “Manufactured homes” is also the name used now for what used to be called “tailer homes.”

Investors are buying trailer parks

An article from the Financial Times, 7 February 2020, is intriguing: “Why big investors are buying up American trailer parks. Amid an affordable housing crisis, residents are battling private equity and others over mobile homes” by Rana Foroohar. The words “trailer park” aren’t used in America any more — at least not in polite company. Manufactured housing is the preferred term for the snug and relatively inexpensive prefabricated spaces that represent “home […]

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Revival of Trailer, Mobile, Manufactured Homes

Creating community in trailer parks Just when you thought this was going to be another boring day in the hunt for cohousing, you are going to discover a hilarious comedian, Vicki Barbolak, who made the finals of America’s Got Talent (AGT) in 2018, and lives in a trailer park, also known as a mobile home community in Oceanside, California. She did a tour of her community on AGT complete with singing […]

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Prefabricated Homes by FabCab, Seattle WA

FabCab is an architectural design firm based in Seattle WA that specializes in environmentally friendly prefabricated homes that apply Universal Design principles. Its architects use modular designs based on their unique component design and build system that can be easily modified according to the client’s needs. The homes are assembled on-site by general contractors/builders using FabCab’s flat-pack component building system. The construction uses a structural insulated panel (SIP) shell for walls and roofs. Services include […]

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