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Sustainability is central to innovative construction today. They can reduce building and maintenance costs by using smart design, making maximum use of space and materials, and infrastructure.

Man Digs Home in Mountain

Man Digs Home in Mountain and is proof again that spending a Saturday morning browsing YouTube videos can be relaxing, exciting, and rewarding. After watching “Mr. Tiger Builds Cave House,” I truly believe that I could build such a house—if I had a mountain. A 15-minute well-edited video of Mr. Tiger with all manner of electric tools (where is his energy source?) carving a home out of the side of […]

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Home Depot Architecture in Detroit

“Home Depot Architecture: How one developer is turning farm storage into sleek apartments” in this week’s Fast Company is a quick look at an inspiring architectural project going up in Detroit. Since Detroit was devastated first by the almost total decline of American auto manufacturing and then by the lead in the city water scandal the city has been in physical decline for years. It needs new ideas to rebuild. […]

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3D Printed Houses

3D Printed Houses? I have years of printing experience: etchings, engravings, lithographs, and silk-screen prints. Printing happens on paper. Printing is ink transferred to paper — or fabric, sides of buildings, and other flat usually absorbent surfaces. A few years ago when teenagers began salivating over art classes in a museum that had a 3D printer, I couldn’t visualize it. But they were making toys and doing craft projects. Then […]

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Bumblebee Spaces, Much Too Expensive But…

… Inspired by Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV show series that showed Mickey and friends operating in different rooms of the same shape-shifting space. — Business Insider The result is Bumblebee Spaces using the normally unused space in your home: the ceiling. Bumblebee stores your wardrobe and your bed in modular wood boxes that disappear up to the ceiling creating a mosaic of what appear to be wooden tiles. The […]

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