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The Deadly Trap of Code

I sat down yesterday to write out all the brilliant ideas I generated while reading The Making of a Democratic Economy. My enthusiasm and energy were higher than in years and years. All the ideas I had been struggling with for decades had crystallized. I had found the key to a simpler and more sustainable and inclusive life for everyone. The isolation of the pandemic continued so I had days […]

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Pixels, Ems, and Rems

Website design measurements are not inches or even centimeters. They are pixels, ems, and rems. Rems are new.¬†When I opened the Twenty-Twelve CSS (styling) sheet, I was thrown by the new rem measurement. The first thing I did was delete all of them and used pixels or ems. That messed things up pretty well, until I came to terms with rems. Pixels Computer monitors have resolutions in pixels. A screen […]

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