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Category: Time

Time passes noticed and unnoticed, and behind it ageing.

When explaining to a seven-year-old how to tell when 5 hours had passed, I used the clock. No, she said. I know how to tell time, but I don’t comprehend it. How long is 5 hours? How much can I do in five hours?

At 70, I realized I couldn’t comprehend it how long my life had been—how long anything had been. I felt like I was lying when I said I was 70. Someone was going to catch me out. At 75, I began to believe I was over 70, probably. Firstly, I had been practicing and secondly, I had to have a doctor’s note to renew my driver’s license. I was 76  before I finally comprehended that I had passed through an invisible wall, unable to go back.

The posts in this category are efforts to comprehend time.