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Tools for Makers

I post links to tools for makers (1) so I will remember where I found them and (2) as a convenient way to share links with other makers. Much easier than trying to communicate a Website address either verbally or by typing even if I remember it off the cuff.

Includes tools for the design phase of pretty much anything — websites, typography, cake decorating, paper flowers, resumes, slow-cook turkey, etc.

Maker is broadly replacing the words inventor, creator, builder, designer, artist, and every other word that tries to define a unique activity that begins with thinking of something that doesn’t exist. It is one of the most freeing concepts for all the makers who have labored under the weight of questions about what to call themselves or what they should be called in the eyes of the market and other questionable contexts.

It’s a 14th-century word that is finding broader usage.


Design is the first sign of human intention.

William McDonough

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