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Like the person who keeps telling the same stories over and over, I have many stories and bits of information that people are tired of hearing about. And as the years go by, I can’t for the life of me remember to whom I’ve told what. I don’t even try anymore.

So this topic includes all the things I would like to tell people about so they don’t have to hear it if they have already heard it. It’s here if they want it. And I can read it here again without bothering anyone. And since it is my website, I can even elaborate as I wish.

Ribbing Transitions

From the TECHknitter For transitions from ribbing to stockinette or other pattern stitches: On the last row of ribbing, slip every knit stitch “open” or “purlwise” and purl every purl stitch. Switch to the larger needle size and begin stockinette or other pattern stitches. For patterns with increases evenly across the last row of ribbing, increase on the purl stitches. The simple loop can be used —will leave a lump […]

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Beautiful McClendon Tiny House for $100,000

A beautiful McClendon Tiny House for $100,000 that is simple and not tricked out with super expensive custom features. Taylor McClendon and Michaella McClendon were all set up to develop their destination wedding business in Hawaii when the Pandemic hit wiping out both destinations and weddings. Having time on their hands they decided to build their dream home. And did. And now they are selling plans and offering to build the […]

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Best Green Builders of Tiny Houses

The best green builders of Tiny Houses were reviewed by Treehugger in November for 2121 and five listed as the greenest, most, and best builders in specific categories: Greenest Full-Service Option: 84 Tiny Living Most Green Options: Tiny Smart House Best Use of Reusables: Custom Container Living Best Tiny Mobile Homes: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Best Luxury Options: New Frontier Tiny Homes How they chose: Everyone has a slightly different idea […]

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Retrofitting Old Buildings with Prefab Facades

Retrofitting old buildings has become faster and less disruptive with a prefab, modular facade installed on top of an existing facade to instantly help the building save energy. And doing it while the residents continue living in the building. For cohousers rehabbing a building, this makes it possible to do an energy retrofit without delaying move-in or having to move out. The prefab panels that attach to the exterior of […]

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430 SF Apartment in Hong Kong

To create an airy atmosphere, this 430-square-foot apartment was renovated with a palette of natural materials and earthy colors. Some of the most inventively designed small living spaces are in Hong Kong where housing is scarce and not affordable by anyone’s standards. This article and video in TreeHugger features a redesigned apartment for three Family’s Minimalist Micro-Apartment Features Natural Materials, Flexible Layout. In order to maximize the feeling of spaciousness,  the architects […]

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Update on COVID-19 Protection

COVID-19 protection is not exactly cohousing, but it’s the best place to post this so others can find it. The Cohousing-L list doesn’t take attachments. There is a Google Docs link in the text and later a PDF you can download. It was circulated on the Historic Takoma neighborhood list in Washington, DC, with this introduction: Attaching a link to a newly updated set of guidelines set out in a […]

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Craftsman Books & Software

The Craftsman Book Company has been publishing books & software for the construction industry for 70 years. Craftsman has over 500 publications. They are used by contractors, remodelers, custom builders, appraisers, adjusters, estimators, architects, engineers and other construction professionals in the United States and Canada. Uniquely for one price you have access to all their books for one year. At this writing, the cost for this service is $129.99. The […]

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Pew Research Center’s Income Class Calculator

The Pew Research Center’s Income Class Calculator can be used to determine whether a given household income is in the lower-income, middle-income, or upper-income class. In 2016 when the calculator was written, “52% of adults lived in middle-income households, 29% in lower-income households, and 19% in upper-income households.” The average US household size was 2.5 people so “household” was defined as three people. (I know, “2.5” isn’t “3.” They rounded up. Averages […]

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