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Category: Sources, Tips, and Tools

Sources, tips, and tools for making things that I look up again and again. And it is easier to refer people here than to explain or even to remember.

Tools for Makers

I post links to tools for makers (1) so I will remember where I found them and (2) as a convenient way to share links with other makers. Much easier than trying to communicate a Website address either verbally or by typing even if I remember it off the cuff. Includes tools for the design phase of pretty much anything — websites, typography, cake decorating, paper flowers, resumes, slow-cook turkey, […]

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Ribbing Transitions

From the TECHknitter For transitions from ribbing to stockinette or other pattern stitches: On the last row of ribbing, slip every knit stitch “open” or “purlwise” and purl every purl stitch. Switch to the larger needle size and begin stockinette or other pattern stitches. For patterns with increases evenly across the last row of ribbing, increase on the purl stitches. The simple loop can be used —will leave a lump […]

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Perfect Profile Pictures

Not Just for Dating Anymore With the growth of social media for networking, the profile picture has become a major decision for anyone who participates. Which picture will people click on in LinkedIn? Who will follow me in Twitter? Am I turning people off with my stern look on Facebook? Is my smiley smile too smiley? What do I do with my eyes? What should I wear? On OKCupid, “the […]

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